Friday, February 24, 2012

Nestle Sorbetes Event for Nestle Club Members 2012 (Part 2)

Me and my friendly group mates

Chef Tess ---- guides us through the three selected recipes…

…and shares with us practical cooking tips along the way

Mirror view of the “action” from above

The proof of the “monay ice cream” is in the tasting!

Monay Ice Cream


4 pieces monay bread, halved
¼ cup condensed milk
1 egg beaten
2 tbsp butter
1 scoop Nestlè Sorbetes Ice Cream, Ube Langka Flavor
Chocolate syrup (optional)


1. Heat butter. Dip monay in condensed milk then in the beaten egg.
2. Fry dipped monay in butter for 20 seconds or until golden brown. Transfer on a plate with paper towels to drain excess oil. Set aside to cool.
3. When toast is cool enough to handle, top one piece with your favorite Nestlé Ice Cream Sorbetes favor.
4. Sandwich with another piece of toast and serve immediately. Drizzle with chocolate syrup if desired.

Chef Tess decorates the “Chocolate Sundae Shake”

Chocolate Sundae Shake


2 scoops Nestlé Sorbetes Ice Cream, Chokolate
Whipped Nestlé All Purpose Cream
1 tsp drained crushed pineapple
1 tsp chopped peanuts
1 tsp mini marshmallows
Chocolate syrup (optional)


1. Put ice cream on a blender jar. Pour in cream. Blend until smooth and fully incorporated.
2. Transfer on serving glasses. Top with crushed pineapple, chopped nuts and marshmallows. Drizzle with chocolate syrup on top if desired. Serve immediately.

Choco dripping goodness with…are those muffins?

Suman and kasoy bits: Base ingredients for the last recipe

Suman, mangga at sorbetes trio


1 piece ripe mango, chopped
½ cup Nestlé All Purpose Cream
1 tsp lime juice
2 drops of vanilla extract
1- 2 pieces of suman, sliced
1 scoop Nestlé Ice Cream Sorbetes 3 in 1, Tsoko, Keso, Pastillas
Chopped nuts


1. On a blender jar, combine mango, cream, lime juice and vanilla extract. Process until smooth and fully incorporated, Chill in the refrigerator until ready to use.
2. Transfer suman on a plate. Top with Nestlé Ice Cream and chopped nuts if desired. Drizzle with prepared mango sauce. Serve immediately.

“Hands on” activity

Finished product: “Suman, mangga and sorbetes trio”

The zesty chef with her cook book – “100 Years of Cooking with Nestlé”

Cool Nestlé Sorbetes promo girls heat things up

Nestlé Club members are introduced to the Nestlé Ambassador (and Seller) concept

Group mates queue up for lunch

Lunch was procured from fast rising food seller – Amber’s

Group mates register for the Nestlé Ambassador program

Never enough of group pictures

Nestlé freebies we got from the event

Nestlé’s momentous centennial cookbook entitled “100 Years of Cooking with Nestlé”

Picture booth memento

Nestle Sorbetes Event for Nestle Club Members 2012 (Part 1)

The Nestlé Center: Venue for the new Nestlè Sorbetes campaign launch

I received a letter dated January 4, 2012 from the Nestlè Club inviting me to a “by invitation only” gathering exclusively for Nestlè Club members only. It was a get-together organized by Nestle Philippines for us to witness the launching of their “Sorbetes’ Bongga Ka Nay”.

At first, I was reasonably hesitant to attend afraid it may turn out to be an “all moms” event. I knew there was more than a grain of truth when the letter assured a “morning of fun activities, getting-to-know-you, and…good food.” But what eventually firmed up my decision to be there was the letter’s promise to give all attendees a copy of Nestlé’s centennial cookbook entitled “100 Years of Cooking with Nestlé.” Now that’s a once in a lifetime offer I simply could not refuse.

Nestlé Philippines’ corporate headquarters is located along Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati

So off to the Rockwell Center I went that morning of the 11th of this month. Arriving much earlier than the official time (9am) for the gathering to start, I took some pictures of the surroundings outside of what turned out to be the corporate office of Nestlé here in the country.

I didn’t get to take many shots as a security guard told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Why exactly is still a mystery to me. At any rate, I told the guard that I was in fact an attendee to a Nestle gathering and I just decided to come inside the building and wait for it to begin.

Nestlé products display

Photo booth backdrop

The Julius Maggi Kitchen, otherwise called “JMK”

The venue for the gathering was fortunately just on the ground floor, a place named Julius Maggi Kitchen or what Nestlé employees otherwise refer to as simply the “JMK”.

I later found out that the kitchen was named after the Swiss entrepreneur and inventor of the world renowned ready to eat soups and seasoning that Nestlé proudly continues to sell around the globe.

The JMK staff goes to work

Welcome Nestlé Club members!

Ingredients from the various recipes are being prepared

“Monay” bread

“Adjuncts” for the “suman, mangga at sorbets trio” recipe….

…and ingredients for the “monay ice cream”

Closer view of the kitchen

Event host Laila “Chikadora” jumpstarts the event

The program was formally started by event host DJ Laila known to others as Laila Chikadora. Born Jessica Asis, DJ Laila who recently worked for ABS-CBN is currently a radio dick jockey of 92.3 News FM and an entertainment reporter of News5.

Initially annoyed and embarrassed by some of her tactless jokes, she was able to ad lib herself through the event amidst a number of miscues and lapses along the program.

Nestlé members go through a “getting to know each other portion”

As an ice breaker, participants were asked what favorite ice cream flavors each liked. I think I mentioned several like ube and cheese but I distinctly remember including blueberry as one of them.

Speaking of ube and cheese – the ice breaker was followed by an energizer called “Ube, Queso, Double Dutch game”. Each flavor corresponded to a boy movement which we had to all do (or else!). That game led to a lot of bodies gyrating and maybe some arthritic recurrences.

Freeze frame for a “Filipino reunion scene”

The following game was a group effort. Everyone in their respective tables were formed into teams which gave us the opportunity to know more about each other.

It was a “charade” game where the theme items were all about Filipino gatherings like re-enacting a “Santacruzan” procession, a fiesta scene (where I had to lie down as a lechon or roasted pig) and the typical Filipino family reunion.

Nestlé Sorbetes Brand Manager Angel Maquiling makes a product presentation

At this point Ms. Angel Maquiling, Nestlé’s Brand Manager for its Sorbetes product line presented the corporation’s new product campaign. A pretty lady who hails from the rustic town of Bacolod, Angel reminded club members of Filipinos fondness for ice cream especially for the local version we often call as “dirty ice cream” or sorbetes sold at the streets in carts with colorful designs.

Filipinos love sorbetes (ice cream)!

With this natural love of our kababayan for ice cream in mind, Nestlé came out with its Sorbetes Ice Cream. It was nationalistic; had mass appeal and was the fist of its kind in the Philippine ice cream market!

Traditional flavors were first introduced: Queso, Tsoko Peanut and Ube.

Similar to traditional sorbetes, Nestlé’s Sorbetes has a different milky consistency compared to regular ice cream. After eating this product, it doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the stomach though creamier than the typical sherbet or sorbet.

Nestlé Sorbetes products through the years

Since 2009, Nestlé has embarked on a continuous innovation and research effort to enliven consumers with additional flavors and product concepts. In 2010, with the help of local comedienne Pokwang as product endorser, Nestlé introduced the Sorbetes 3 in 1 (3 flavors in 1 container) while adding three new exciting flavors – Cookies and Cream, Double Dutch and Rocky Road the following year.

(More of my Nestlé Sorbetes experience at the second part of this blog post!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

CFC-GK Quezon City – Visita Iglesia 2011: A spiritual journey across Rizal, Laguna and Quezon provinces (Part 3)

Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Center in Lucban, Quezon City

We almost didn’t have this leg of the spiritual tour.

Late in the afternoon, the group initially decided to head back to Manila from Majayjay, Laguna. However, somewhere along the way, some of the sisters I understand expressed their desire to really see this renowned place established by healing priest Fr. Joey Faller. When Bro. Steve Krueger asked me about it, I asked in return how far the place was to which he replied about 30 minutes away. I said let’s proceed. As it turned out, it was a decision we all did not regret.

From Majayjay, we passed through the municipality of Luisiana and then crossed over to the Province of Quezon. A few kilometers away from the poblacion of Lucban in Barangay Tinamnan, you will find the Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Center.

The Healing Center’s Chapel

I could only describe it as a soothing sanctuary for tired pilgrims like me. In a sense you could say that it has everything. There is a lovely chapel, a “Garden of Eden”, a Via Dolorosa Grotto of Healing, a “Way of Purification” and a 50-foot image of the “Ascending Christ”, all dedicated “to the people of the Philippines and of the whole world who believe in the Infinite Love of God.”

Inside the chapel you see the image of a Risen Christ

The Center’s Stations of the Cross carved out of the mountain

A sprawling 2.5 hectare ‘Garden of Eden’

The Garden featured biblical tales like the story of Creation

“Noah’s Ark” was ‘recreated’ in the Healing Center’s grounds

Famously known as Christ’s Last Supper, the scene more importantly depicts the Institution of the Holy Eucharist

Some brethren like Bro. Omin del Castillo and several others took the challenge of climbing the mountain all the way up to the image of the ‘Ascending Christ’. In my family, Faith and Joshua joined me for the climb along with niece Julia, Maymay our helper and her sister. Junior stayed behind to look after his mother and lola who found difficulty in making the uphill trek.

Jesus falls under the weight of the cross

Despite the difficult climb my children press on

By thy Holy Cross, thou has redeemed the world

Thank you Lord, we triumphantly reach the peak of this holy mountain

Spiritual reflection during the physically challenging climb is an occasion to purify one’s soul…

…while the panoramic view rejuvenates one’s weary spirit

A final picture memento before the long trek down

A close replica of Michelangelo's La Pieta

Back to Noah’s Ark

A closer view of Noah and his Ark

As I found out, the ‘Ark’ also known as ‘Bahay Pari’, was envisioned to be a home for old priests in the Diocese of Lucena which administers the facility. Relatively new, it was solemnly blessed by the Bishop of Lucena, the Most Reverend Emilio Marquez, D.D. along with Bishop Emeritus Ruben Profugo, D.D. only last October 27, 2010. The ‘Ark’s” facilities and amenities also make it as a suitable venue for recollections, retreats and conferences.

Faith tries out the cool and creamy ‘scramble’

If you’re hungry after all the walking and climbing, don’t fret. On the outskirts of the Healing Center’s property are numerous shops that offer food, drinks and souvenir items alike. A welcome surprise in a number of local government units particularly here in Laguna and Quezon is the prohibition on the use of plastic bags. Instead you are given brown paper bags. They’re not exactly the best container of heavy or pointed items but they are relatively more environment-friendly than most plastics.

When you’re in Lucban, don’t forget to try their chami and popular Pancit Hab-hab

One should never forget to try the native noodle products of Lucban particularly their Pancit Hab-hab. For a real authentic Lucban Pancit Hab-hab experience, try eating it the way locals traditionally do, without utensils, using only your hands to place the pancit (sometimes served over banana leaves) near your mouth.

We left Lucban still as a convoy of four (4) vehicles but took on separate routes as we reached Pagsanjan. Our vehicle took the longer western route that went through Pila, Bay, Los Baňos and Calamba, and though the SLEX tollway while the rest took the same eastern route we went through this morning back to Quezon City.

Tired but happy we reached our home sometime around midnight after bringing my in-laws to their home in Project 8. The long distances surely required endurance but also brought us a sense of new discovery, achievement and spiritual fulfillment during this time of Lent.

After all, going through the various places in a pilgrimage and marveling at God’s various creations and thanking Him for everything was already half of the deep religious experience.